Why you're afraid to start marketing your business online and how to conquer that fear

online marketing Sep 28, 2023

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Online marketing - a cringe word for a lot of small businesses, ESPECIALLY brick and mortar businesses who aren't sure how they even fit into the online world. Is that you?


Do you know that you need a website but aren't sure what to put on it to make it actually help with your sales?

Do you know you need social media but have no idea how to make it grow or simply don't have the time?

Have you signed up for newsletters from other businesses like yours and found amazing marketing structures that you aren't sure how to replicate?


It sounds like a quick inbound marketing lesson is just what you need!


But, before we get too far into things... If you're feeling overwhelmed just at the idea of TALKING about your online marketing and you have no idea where to start because the the WORDS are confusing then I have a blog post you need to read FIRST: Overwhelmed by marketing jargon? Let's break down the basics


The Quick Summary if You're in a Rush

  • You have limited time and resources, making online marketing overwhelming.
  • Inbound marketing allows potential customers to find your business organically, on autopilot, consistently generating leads and customers.
  • Scheduling platforms like Tailwind help with content creation and distribution so you can plan ahead.
  • Hiring an inbound marketing expert for initial setup and content scheduling can be beneficial because they can make everything you need for a year or more of inbound marketing in ONE SHOT and they can teach you how to maintain the system with minimal effort.
  • Inbound marketing experts can provide ongoing support when you need fresh content or want to expand your marketing and increase revenue.


Why online marketing is overwhelming for small business owners

Let's be honest - you do most of the work.


You're busy building your business, ordering things, creating things, paying invoices, sending invoices, making sure that your business is running well day to day. You wear almost every hat at least SOME of the time, if not all of the time. And you do a great job of it!


YOUR BUSINESS is what you're made for. You have a passion for the things you create and love delivering them to people who need them.

But online marketing… well, that's another story.


It's not your passion. It's not your wheelhouse. It might not even be your cup of tea.

No matter how much you love your business and building your business, everyone has a tipping point. You can only do so much.

Learning online marketing strategies ADDS to your to-do list tenfold.


Not only do you actually have to DO the marketing, now you're spending hours upon hours sifting through forums, social media channels, and blog posts like this one just trying to figure out the basics.

That sounds like it's time to admit defeat, doesn't it? IT'S NOT. Keep reading. I have some solutions for you.



How inbound marketing works

You're busy, so I'll keep this as short and sweet as possible.


Inbound marketing is a method where you get people to find YOU.


People who already need or want your product/service find you organically online through your website, blog, and social media accounts. (And, yes, sometimes through ads but they aren't necessary).


When the right people find YOU it costs less money because you are able to market to them through sales funnels that are built specifically for THEIR needs.


Instead of sending out ads to a group of random people and hoping they work, you create a special experience for people who you already know need what you have. You help them understand WHY you are the best person to GIVE them that thing and guide them toward making the best PURCHASE for THEIR needs.


Create a simple opt-in offer

Offering something for free is one of the best ways to get people onto your mailing list and into your funnel.

It not only gets them to exchange access to their inbox (which is a huge gift to you) but it's also a good way to show off your expertise, quality, helpfulness, etc.

It's so important that I made an entire guide devoted to it.
Grab yours now πŸ‘‡



Connect your offer to a proper marketing funnel

It can't stop there though. You need to be in contact with people from the minute they join your list. Share helpful information, engage them by asking questions, and OF COURSE share you promotions and special offers.

You can use most email marketing providers to set up simple automations that will send on autopilot for you again and again.

My favourite is Mailerlite. It's affordable, saleable, integrates well with Shopify and other platforms. And it's not confusing.



Market that offer through social media, your blog, and ads

Share your offer, talk it up, connect it to blog posts (ones that are relevant to it's topic), and even use straight up ads to share it with your target audience. People LOVE free so you'll quickly collect leads into your funnel with very little effort on this front.

If it's an evergreen offer you can share you offer and blog posts that link to your offer on Pinterest and people will find it over and over and over again!

My favourite way to share my freebies and opt ins is via my blog and social media. My favourite tool for pre-planning that outreach is Tailwind App.

Tailwind App is like your trusty sidekick for bossing your social media game. Creating jaw-dropping posts? Easy peasy with their user-friendly tools and snazzy templates. Plus, they've got a treasure trove of stock images to spice up your content.

But here's the real kicker: scheduling. Plan your posts way ahead, no more daily stress. Tailwind's got your back with smart suggestions for the perfect posting times.

And if you're a visual freak like me, you can preview your feed to make it Insta-worthy. They even serve up analytics to help you fine-tune your strategy.

πŸ‘‰ Check Tailwind App out today. It's one of the most affordable and versatile social media scheduling apps and I regularly recommend it to my clients.


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