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Marketing + Work-Life Balance

How do you juggle all the things when you work from home?

Do you want to know how to set YOUR business up for success AND elevate your clients' business by providing excellent marketing experiences for them?

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Take the stress out of marketing and running a business (yours AND your clients')



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"I've been working with Amy-Lynn since 2018 and can't imagine my team without her. She's worked on almost all of our campaigns, our websites, our blog, our social media, and most importantly has set up our inbound marketing and post-purchase funnels. She's a big part of what makes our company run smoothly and is someone I trust beyond measure. I'm excited for anyone gets the chance to learn from her or work with her."

Yahozka Godfrey

"Amy-Lynn is an amazing marketer and website designer. I have worked with her for many years and have watched her build a project management plan for Gabriela Cruz Photography that kept all of us subcontractors in line. She even helped me build my own website. Her organization skills are beyond measure. I would recommend her again and again! Do not let your business go by one more day without her."

Chrystal Delaney

"Amy-Lynn is an absolute gem! As a beginner entrepreneur in need of assistance within the world of business marketing, I found her dedication and enthusiasm genuinely inspiring. Amy-Lynn took extra time to train me individually when I got stuck, and she recorded the session for the purpose of sharing and helping others. Amy-Lynn's upbeat energy and youthful spirit make learning from her incredibly enjoyable. She consistently reminds me that I can achieve anything with the right mindset and strategies. She has a Facebook group called Best Life Business Marketing, where she regularly checks in to ensure progress and offers invaluable tips and free training! I am looking forward to learning more from Amy-Lynn and implementing her marketing strategies into my new business. If you're looking for someone who knows her stuff and makes the learning process fun and empowering, I highly recommend Amy-Lynn at Best Life Business Marketing! "

Wendy Michelle, Just In Case Solutions (International Best Seller)

"Amy is absolutely the best.  As a creative, I have a lot of ideas, but as a business owner, I need a funnel and organization - Amy is my Funnel (but like, way more awesome).  Not only is she hilarious, fun, and quick witted, but she speaks my language, and she has always managed to put my creative info dumping into a cohesive flow that she can then help turn into a business plan.  I'm in awe.  She comes back to me with the plans and schedule for things that I completely forgot I talked about, and I'm always so thrilled that she never misses a thing.  I have no idea how she is always so on top of things, but I am thankful I have always been able to count on her.  Everyone needs an Amy.  She's the best!

Heather Trombone Thieson

"I hired Amy just over two weeks ago. I slid into her emails HOT. After a very short deliberation with my budget, I hired her after doing her reference checks. In hindsight, I had zero reason to doubt her. 

There are a lot of people out there claiming to be Marketing gurus, which is why I have never hired anyone before Amy. Most of them push Facebook ads (which is not a sustainable way to run a business like mine). I can honestly say this was the best decision I have ever made for my business in five years. I actually regret all the money I’ve spent on PDF guides from the big name educators in my industry because I’ve accomplished more in two weeks with Amy than I have in five years on my own with said guides - and it isn’t because I didn’t implement the info - I sure as hell did.

If you are on the fence about committing, whether it be budget or your needs, just be open and clear with Amy about exactly what you need and can afford. I assure you she will build around that.


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