Why I do What I do


As a business owner with ADHD and a physical illness I'm very familiar with the ways that the "you're not good enough" mantra can get engrained in us to make moments of overwhelm feel insurmountable and as though they're evidence of our impending failure.

In my own work I try to empower new entrepreneurs to learn the skills they need to build their business's long-term marketing strategies so they can help quiet that voice one sale at a time.

As an online service provider it has been my privilege to work with other online service providers as they build their businesses and their online reputations. I love seeing the freedom they unlock when they are finally able to do what they love in a flexible, home-based career.

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Simple + Effective Marketing

When it comes to marketing I focus on creating long-term relationships with your audience through a mixture of inbound marketing and relationship marketing WHILE getting you some quick cash through effective ads and sales campaigns so you can afford to take the time necessary to BUILD those long-term relationships through your website, blog, SEO, social media, and (my favourite of all) your email marketing!

When it comes to running an online business, I believe that systems are KEY to success. Having a system allows you to just run your business THROUGH that system so you can focus on the actual WORK instead of trying to track down information or remember to contact clients.

I scout out the simplest, easiest-to-use platforms and teach you how to stay organized all year long.

My Back Story

It all started back in 2015.

I was out of work after a move to a new city.

I had recently finished my BA in psych and couldn't afford to move further into my education. I was a young step-mom in a whirlwind of a time, trying to find work post-recession and there was NOTHING.

I applied for hundreds of jobs, snagged a few interviews, but every market was flooded with people begging for work and I had very little experience to back me up.

So I did what every responsible parent does - I started applying for literally EVERYTHING.

I found a minimum wage retain job and quickly worked my way up into zone management but my body was starting to fail.

The signs had been there for a while but I ignored them until I absolutely couldn't.

I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (though I didn't know it at the time) so the long shifts on my feet managed to throw my body into weird muscle spasms that exhausted me and threw my digestion into complete disarray.

I knew I needed to find something else, FAST.

When I was growing up it wasn't unusual for my parents to pick up odd side-gigs so I knew there was some sort of way to work from home. I began my online search, thinking I'd end up in telemarketing but I quickly found Upwork (back when it actually worked in favour of freelancers) and put my psych degree and love of writing to work.

Within 3 months of working double shifts and depleting my health even more, I was able to quit my retail job and I never looked back.

Freelance writing for websites and blogs quickly turned to crafting marketing plans, as I learned the larger world my writing was a part of. I put myself through course after course, and devoured the Hubspot blog like it was lunchtime.

But that wasn't the end of my story.

Life stress came at me in a big way and it wasn't long before my health nearly gave up on me completely.

I cut back my hours more and more and eventually took a one-year hiatus while I focused on myself.

I closed my website. I closed my Facebook group. I delisted the freelancing book I wrote. I thought it was all over.

But through careful work on myself and my health I was able to slowly get to working - at first for just one client. And now I'm back into my own business, writing my posts, sharing my knowledge and motivating as many people as possible.

I'm here to share the inbound marketing systems that I know work, the online marketing essentials for every start-up, easy-to-use and affordable online solutions any business can use, and to do it in a way that isn't overwhelming.

I'm also here to share how I learned to manage my ADHD over the years (even before I knew I had it). And the programs and systems that keep me organized and motivated (yes, even the latte tasks - more on THAT later).

I'm fucking stoked to be here, to say the least. And I will bring this EXACT vibe into all our encounters. Buckle up, folks!


Loving what I do so you can do what you love.

What do I mean by this?

It might sound a little crazy, but there is something about the chaos of planning and executing a marketing plan that brings a sense of calm over my office.

I love every aspect of the marketing process, business organization AND the coaching process - working one on one with you, creating new approaches, problem solving, and letting that creative spark fly in graphic design and written content.

Brand Values


I believe that everyone has the ability to manage their marketing if they are given the right resources, believe in themselves, and accept that all good things take time if you can't afford to hire out. I strive to be a piece of that puzzle for them so they can find success.


I FIERCELY believe that marketing has two main veins - short term and long term. Long term marketing + building relationships with customers and clients builds trust, community, and loyalty. A lot of this is overlooked by flashy courses and marketers promising quick results. And while those quick results are good to create a quick cash infusion, they should NOT be the basis of your marketing strategy.


I believe that marketing does not need to be overwhelming. The right organizational strategies will keep it all afloat so you don't need to panic or feel overwhelmed. It's all about proper planning - in a way that works for YOU.


Not everyone does everything the same way and that is OK. It's all about finding systems and strategies that work for you. The best leaders and teachers will help you figure that out and make it part of your daily routine instead of shoving their own methods down your throat and leaving you to feel inadequate if they don't match your style.


I completely understand why marketing can be a drag for people who don't DO marketing for a living but I truly believe that it CAN be fun AND fulfilling. I strive to infuse that into the experience for everyone I work with.


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