How do new businesses set up an inbound marketing plan?

inbound marketing online marketing running a business Sep 28, 2023

New business owners are bogged down with a LOT of work. Start ups are not easy. You're already trying to figure out the logistics of running a successful and profitable business online or in-store. You're making sure you have your products or services, packaging, branding, employees, etc ready. Add the complexities of trying to understand digital and social media marketing and it's a recipe for overwhelm.


That's why a lot of new businesses tend to struggle with their online presence. They throw whatever they can together and hope for the best. Afterall, they know THEIR business - the products and services they offer. THAT is where they excel. But most business owners aren't educated in the art of marketing.


If you're struggling to figure out how to not only build an online presence but actually turn that presence into loyal customers while not having to spend tens of thousands of dollars on ads right out of the gate, you've come to the right article!



If you're at a point where you are feeling overwhelmed and confused by some of the most basic marketing terminology, don't worry. First of all, you're not alone. Second, I have just the article for you. Click right here to read all about the basic terminology you need to know to start marketing your business online.



Let's look at some of the most important steps in setting up your business's inbound online marketing plan.



It's important to know what inbound marketing is

Inbound marketing is marketing that brings potential customers INto your business. It's the opposite of traditional marketing where you are perpetually going OUT to find customers. Instead of advertising to broad markets and going out looking for people who want your service or product you help THEM find YOU.


Traditional marketing still plays a vital role in man businesses, so I'm not saying to completely discount that. But a solid inbound marketing strategy is what will bring people TO you through platforms like Google, Maps, and social media.


ATTRACT + NURTURE potential customers by filling a need

Obviously your product or service is built to fill a need - that's the basis of any good business and I'm sure your product or service does a wonderful job at filling a need. But inbound marketing goes above and beyond. It uses helpful resources to attract and nurture potential customers.


By providing helpful information on a topic relevant to your reader, you help them find you online AND you help them learn to trust the expertise of your business.


Let's use this article as an example. Since I published this on a website with proper SEO (search engine optimization) potential customers can find me when they search terms like "how to market your new business online." And maybe I can make some social media posts to accompany the article. Or I can share it on LinkedIn. Or Pinterest. (The best place to share your content will depend on your target audience). Potential customers on these other platforms might find me through hashtags.


I would be helping them by providing this information. Maybe it's all they need for now. Maybe they can get started with their online marketing strategy strictly from this information. If so, GREAT! If not, they know that I am knowledgeable and that they can reach out to me for MORE help through my services. And maybe I can even provide them more free resources to further grow that relationship.


NURTURE potential clients further by providing more relevant information

Inbound marketing is all about building solid, long-lasting, trusting relationships with your customer base. This is where you email marketing often comes in. For some business types additional informative help is provided in private forums, Facebook groups, and apps. Usually, the information provided at this stage is still FREE to the potential customer. You are working to build a relationship with them and enhance their lives.


Additional helpful resources include things like:

  • E-books
  • More blog posts
  • Email-based courses
  • Informative videos
  • How-to content
  • Members-only discussion boards


Access to these resources is often gated by an email signup. This helps you not have to rely on social media platforms with their many whims and their temporary nature.



CONVERT interested parties into sales

Once your customer has gotten to know you and grown to trust your company you can go for the "ask." You can provide suggested products or services based on their unique needs. You KNOW they have a specific set of needs simply based on the things they searched to find you online, the fact that they wanted more information, and that they have engaged with your ongoing communication.


So, instead of taking a sales-y approach and just pumping out ads to them, you can use educated information to tell them about a product or service that will HELP them; that will fil a very particular need in their life.


Inbound marketing isn't about pushing people to buy things they don't want. Instead, it is heavily based on helping people find the things they need.


RECYCLE customers - do not abandon them

Continue to nurture your relationships with customers after converting them to a sale. Even if you only offer one product or service at this time.


Why? Two reasons.

If you ever offer MORE products or services you can reach out to a loyal customer base who still trusts and has a relationship with you. Selling to this market will cost less money AND less time.

Word of mouth MATTERS. Customers who felt like you still cared for them even AFTER you "got their money" are much more likely to recommend your product or services to family and friends.


All parts of an inbound marketing plan are equally important

It's important to create an online marketing plan that not only brings each of these PHASES of the inbound customer journey into play but which also makes best use of one-time campaigns, evergreen campaigns, SEO, social media, blog, email, and more.

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