5 Ways to Use Customer Support to Create an Excellent Customer Experience

online marketing Sep 28, 2023

Did you know that top-notch customer support is essential for the health and growth of your business?

Positive customer experience is one of the best predictors of customer satisfaction. And, we all know that satisfied customers are more likely to leave good reviews, purchase again in the future, and share good thoughts about your business with their family and friends.

Did you know that satisfied customers will spend up to 14 time MORE than other customers?

If you're not working hard to keep your customers and clients happy you are leaving money on the table. And you can bet your ass that someone else will come along to scoop it up (and all the loyalty and referrals that go with it).

So, are you ready to level up your customer experience?

Today we're looking specifically at the role of customer support in creating an excellent customer experience.



Why a great customer support system matters

Imagine this: You're on a company's website, eager to find that one thing you need. But wait, it's nowhere to be found! Or maybe you found it, but its not *exactly* what you were looking for. Or a button is broken.

Frustrating, right?

Or maybe you're trying to check out online, but uh-oh, there's a glitch! Talk about a buzzkill! 😩

And don't even get me started on booking appointments with missing info fields! πŸ™„

As a customer, how would you handle it? You'd probably run to another website where things actually work, or at least a place where you can get the help you need. πŸ‘‹

We all want a smooth, hassle-free experience when we're trying to get things done online.

Your customers are no different. If they stumble upon a website that's confusing or doesn't offer the support they need, they'll take their business elsewhere, faster than you can say "help!"

So how do you avoid this?

Well, you create a kick-ass website with no glitches. Except, no one and nothing is perfect SO while you should always strive for that, you also need a top-notch customer support system.



1. Add a help chat to your website

Adding a chat bubble gives people the ability to reach out to your company QUICKLY and directly.

But, don't just leave it open-ended. Imagine going to a website and asking a question in the chat but no one answers. Why? Because a small business can't monitor it 24hrs a day. So you leave and your question never gets answered.

Now imagine that there's an option to leave your phone number or email address to be contacted ASAP. Now uplevel that further and imagine that there are also some FAQs listed directly in the chat!

HOW you add the chat bubble to your website might depend on the specific website host that you use. Some webhosts have built-in chat bubble options whereas others rely on third-party apps.

Here are some great places to learn more about how to add a chat bubble to your website:

➑️ Add a Facebook Chat Button

➑️ Add a Hubspot Live Chat

➑️ 10 Best WordPress Chat Plugins


2. Make your "contact us" area easy to find

Even IF you have a chat bubble that doesn't mean everyone wants to use it to contact you. Make sure that your "contact us" area is VERY easy to find.

Make it a header in your menu, add it to the footer of your website, or at least put it in your "About Us" area. Also, try slapping a contact form on other important pages of your website so that people don't need to navigate away from those pages to ask their questions - Convenience is key!



3. Stay on top of ALL reviews

First, it's important to know all of the places you are RECEIVING reviews. Some business owners aren't even aware that they are getting reviews outside of Google maps.

Your industry may have a special forum or review website that people are posting about you on. Make sure you know WHERE people are posting and reply to every review, good or bad.

For bad reviews, withhold defensive statements and make sure to post that the reviewer should contact you to discuss the issue and how it can be resolved. Leave your contact info in the response. It might not FEEL great, especially if you know it's just someone who is unsatisfiable BUT it shows future customers that you care.

4. Regularly check your DMs

This one will be fairly obvious to a lot of people but you'd be surprised how many companies simply do NOT check their DMs. And with good reason. There's a lot of spammy stuff going on in DMs these days. Still, check yours regularly and respond to customers.

Can't keep up with your DMs? It might be time to consider an assistant or maybe you have too many social media profiles. It could be time to focus on the one or two key apps that perform best for you.



5. Ask for feedback

A lot of companies are used to asking for reviews by now, but have you every privately asked for feedback from your customers?

Reviews have an obvious goal - promotion.

But private feedback has an entirely different goal - improvement.

When asking for feedback, don't mention reviews and make sure that your customers know it's all about learning how to improve the customer experience for them and others in the future. This way, they know that they are helping build the company to suit their needs instead of being asked to do something that suits the company's needs.


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