5 ways to use a brand marketing kit to connect with your audience

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You want to reach a larger audience and stand out in the marketplace but you don't know where to start. Should it be on social media? Do you need to blog more? Are ads and promotions the way to go?


You need to start with a solid brand foundation and build from there or NONE of those things will reach a loyal audience.

Begin by building a solid brand marketing plan with a brand marketing kit.


1. Create a brand that stands out 🎨

The internet is freakin' huge! We need to stand out and help our right fit clients FIND US.

A properly defined brand does that FOR YOU (as long as you pair it with great marketing, of course). If you have a solidly defined brand position you can always learn better marketing but no matter how good your marketing is it will never make up for a sloppy or mundane brand.

Use a brand marketing kit to define what makes you different and unique; what makes your products and services different and unique. AND use it to help you define your audience's motivations, hopes, fears, challenges, and unique buying position so that you can speak directly to them.

Find that sweet spot where your unique brand overlaps with their unique needs and stand out in the crowd.




2. Create a unified online experience ✨

A solid understanding of your brand, your purpose, your vision, and your offers means that you can create a seamless online experience for your customers/clients. From your social media page to your website to their inbox your message will be the same! This will build trust.

And trust is important. In a 2020 survey by Global Communications firm Edelman, "53 percent of respondents say ‘whether you trust the company that owns the brand or brand that makes the product’ is the second most important factor when purchasing a new brand."



3. Speak Their Language, Win Their Hearts 

By building a brand that is AUDIENCE-focused, you create a VERY clear picture of your target market and can begin speaking THEIR language (instead of just your own). You can talk to them about their challenges, their dreams, and the ways that your brand can rise to those challenges and fulfill those dreams!

People want to feel like brands understand them and communicate directly to them by creating content and offers that speak to their wants, needs, desires, and struggles.



4. Craft Irresistible Offers That Convert πŸ’‘

Say goodbye to guessing games when it comes to what your audience craves. With insights you gain from proper market research you can create offers that not only meet their needs but have them clicking 'Buy Now' faster than you can say "business breakthrough."

Put these offers into your emails, onto your site, and build ads around them!



5. Creating LASTING Connections Through Relationship Marketing 🀝

Now that you have a clear understanding of your brand AND your audience you can begin to properly build lasting relationships. You will build a foundation of trust, understanding, and care. These are also the foundations of any good relationship. Your customers will come back again and again because they feel valued and understood. AND, they'll be more likely to tell others πŸ˜‰


Excited? I know I am!

Build a brand + a market strategy that SELLS (for you AND your clients)

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