Navigating the Online Marketplace: Brand Strategy for Small Businesses

branding online marketing running a business service based business May 21, 2024

We need to stand out in our brands now more than ever. Let's face it, algorithms are making it almost impossible to be seen and small businesses will never have the ad spend to compete with big names. What does allow us to stand apart, though, is our ability to grow community and make honest connections with our customers and clients. How do you do that? It all starts with building an authentic brand you believe in.

Why it matters to build a brand that reflects you

If you don't stand hand in hand with your business you won't succeed in the small business marketplace. It really is that simple. People can tell when you aren't showing up as yourself. People can tell when you don't quite believe what you're selling.

Since us small business owners must rely on things like word of mouth marketing, community building, and one on one connections, you have to be able to truly represent your business. What better way to represent your business than to build a business that represents you?



"But, Amy, I'm weird and I'm not like all the other people in my industry. How can I lean into my authentic self and still think people will want to buy my stuff?"

That's awesome. BE WEIRD. Just be you. Here's the amazing thing: You are not the only weird person out there, and people who are weird in the same way as you will finally find a place they feel they belong. Besides, if you go out and create your business just like everyone else's, how the hell are you gonna' compete with them?

How to craft your unique approach to your business

"OK. I'll be my weird self. But how do I infuse that into my business?"

Wow, great question! I sure am glad you asked it πŸ˜‰. I believe it all starts with crafting a stunning brand story. Bring together your what, your why, your how, and most importantly your who, to form a brand story that informs everything you do in your business.



Your business's what

What do you do? What are you selling? What are your price points? Are there any particular reasons you chose these products, services, and price points?

Your business's why

Why do you do what you do? What called you to this industry? Is there a unique approach you take to your business - a special product or a new spin on a service? Why did you choose to go that route?

Your business's how

How did you get to where you are? What steps did you take to build your business, your products, your services? What challenges were faced? How did you overcome them and what did you learn along the way?

Your business's who

This a two-sided coin. You need to consider who you are, but you also need to consider your target market / audience.

Who are you? How did you grow to be the person you are today? What life experiences led you to this path in life? What do you believe in? And how does all that come together to impact your business?

Who is your ideal customer or client? What motivates them? What challenges are they faced with and how are you (or your product) uniquely qualified to help them overcome those challenges?


Ready to set your brand apart from the competition and start building an authentic marketing practice?


Building a solid brand story and a marketing strategy to go with it can be difficult.

You have to strip away the layers of what you think you should be and start getting clear on why you are pretty freakin' awesome just the way you are. AND, how that awesomeness is actually the best foundation for your business.

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