Local business? Stop trying to fit the typical online marketing mold

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Local business? Stop trying to fit the typical online marketing mold

If you run a local business (i.e. - a brick and mortar store, an in-person service, a pop up shop at local markets) you do not need to use your online space as a lead generation factory. To be honest, you'll probably just be throwing your money away if that's what you try to do.

Inbound marketing funnels for local businesses look a little different

There are two main ways that inbound marketing funnels are different for local businesses than for online businesses.

Point of sale opt ins for local businesses

For online businesses, you want to offer an opt-in that gets people onto your mailing list. Usually, this is an online offer. Maybe it's a discount, a free guide, or a quiz. You can still use these strategies for your in-person business, but you can also use point of sale opt ins!

Click here to learn more about point of sale opt ins.

Local businesses should set up loose inbound marketing funnels

The inbound marketing funnel for an online business always has a clear starting point and a clear ending point. You move your customer from awareness about your company, to considering your offer, to making a purchase. Usually, you offer them something that seems relevant to the reason they signed up in the first place.



Service-based in-person businesses can still use this method, as can local businesses who simultaneously run an online store.

But if you're a local business selling goods or whose services aren't always available to be booked, you will want to approach things a little bit differently. You'll get people onto your mailing list, warm them up, and then keep in contact through newsletters or other helpful emails while they wait to hear about your next offer, sale, promotion, or booking availability.



Use your online space to create a sense of community

Instead of focusing your attention on leads, shift your efforts toward relationship building.

Post things that matter to your local audience. Don't worry too much about attracting new buyers through your social media and blog. Instead, use those places to actually enhance their local experience. Share local news and events, let them know what you have coming up, and ask them for input about your products and services.

You can start a Facebook group or other kind of online community or just be active in other local communities, instead. Get your (business) name in front of people's eyes and let them see how much you value your local community.

Create experiences optimized for local SEO

Local SEO is it's own beast. It's not the same as regular SEO and it goes beyond just what you post on your website. It includes your Google maps profile and so much more.

I could act like I have all the answers, but I'd rather send you to the experts. Here's a comprehensive article from Hubspot all about local SEO.


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